PRICING STRUCTURE

Our basic rate is $25 per written page based on 12 pt type. There is an additional charge for very technical reports ($35 per page). Books and screenplays are individually negotiated and pre-set with contracts signed in advance. Basic price structure is below:

Typed page                  $25.00
Rewrites                      $10.00 per rewrite and per page.
Technical reports          $35.00 per page

Payments are made via PayPal, credit card or check in advance. There is a $25 Fee for returned checks. Since all written pages are sent to the client on Word Docs and not PDF the client may choose to forego the rewrite option and make any changes themselves. This must be determined in advance. If the Rewrite option is requested the charge will be made in advance. However, if the charge is made and the client accepts the draft without a rewrite, the rewrite pre paid funds will be returned to the client via PayPal. 

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